Types Of Bras – Explore the 21 types of bras

Since the beginning of time, or so it seems women have been trying to hold there breasts up with a number of different methods from corsets to now in modern times bras. There are many types of bras for just about every situation or clothing piece available. We are not going to the history of bras and corsets but cover what your options are for today in the world of bras.


Types of Bras – Everything you need to know

Picture of the adhesive bra type.Adhesive Bras

Adhesive Bras are great for low back dresses. Believe it or not even larger breasted women (DD Cup) can wear adhesive bras as long as they are of good quality. You will get very little lift from this type of bra but it will push your breasts together in order to create cleavage and will help mitigate (not stop) the wobbly effect of lager breasted women.

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Picture of a Bandeau bra type.Bandeau Bras

A bandeau bra can easily be confused with a tube top or tube top bra. Bandeau bras are made to be worn under clothing as pictured to the left and are very comfortable. They do not offer a lot of support but can be great for lower cut tops and dresses. For more support, especially for larger (Full D cup or more) breasts it would be wise to wear a strapless over this style.


Picture of a bridal bra.Bridal Bras or Bustiers

Bridal bras are made to be worn under wedding dresses. Often bridal bras will have a very low back, boning on the sides, and have padded cups in order to lift the breasts and to create cleavage.  In addition to supporting the breasts bridal bras also provide a slimming effect to the tummy and waist area.



Picture of a built in bra in a tank top.Built in Bras

A built in bra is not really a type of bra but is a top that has a bra within it. These are often seen in athletic wear, camis (camisoles) and some tank tops. A benefit of having a built in bra is that there is no bra strap that can show as since the bra is built in to the top.



picture of a convertible bra.Convertible bras

Convertible bras allow you to change the style and function of the bra by changing the position of the straps from conventional over the shoulders, crisscross, halter and strapless styles. Convertible bras can be a good choice for women that wear a wide variety of tops and apparel.



picture of a demi braDemi Bras

The Demi bra, also called a half cup or shelf bra is a standard bra with lower cut cups rather than full coverage cups. This allows for more of the breast to be exposed in lower neckline tops. Another benefit of a Demi bra is that they push the breasts to the center creating more cleavage than a standard full cup bra.


picture of a front closure braFront Closure Bras

Front closure bras are not one of the specific types of bras but more of a feature of any particular bra. Almost any type of bra can have a front closure including demi, racerback, nursing and many other styles. Front closure bras are an excellent choice for women with wide set breasts since these bras tend to have farther spaced cups.


picture of a full support bra Full Support Bras

A full support bra is great for women that have large breasts or for women that may have very soft and/or saggy breasts. This style of bra offers the most support and lift as possible. Full coverage bras are great for everyday wear and while performing vigorous activities. It is not uncommon for full coverage bras to range in cup sizes from a C to H cup.


picture of a mastectomy braMastectomy Bras

A mastectomy bra is for women that have had one or both breasts removed/amputated. Mastectomy bras will feature internal pockets that can hold prosthetic breasts until reconstructive surgery can be performed. These bras are also made to be very comfortable and to wick away moisture from the skin.




picture of a nursing or maternity braMaternity/Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are made specifically for mothers that are breast feeding their baby. These types of bras come in many different types but all feature cups that have a fold down flap. This allows the mother to have her breast supported during feeding and also keeps the breast somewhat concealed while feeding or pumping. Nursing bras also keep you from having to remove your bra while feeding.


picture of a minimizer braMinimizer Bras

A minimizer bra is generally for women with very large breasts or for women that want their bustline to appear smaller. Wearing a minimizer compresses the breasts and spreads them out a bit to give the appearance of having smaller breasts. These bras have very full cups and often come in sizes up to I cups.


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picture of a molded cup braMolded Cup Bras

A bra with molded cups (sometimes called a T shirt bra) has cups that are formed to the natural contour of the breast. The cups are harder than other bras but can be very comfortable especially for large breasted women. Molded cups offer a lot of support and are very smooth under clothing. They are offered with underwires and without.


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picture of a push up braPush Up Bras

Push up bras have only two purposes, to create lots of cleavage and to lift the breasts up as much as possible. These bras have extra padding on the bottom portion of the cup that is either permanent or removable. This is what lifts the breast up higher and creates the cleavage. Push up bras also push the sides of the breasts twords the center.


 picture of a racer back braRacer Back or T-Back Bras

Racer back ot T-back bras describe how the straps are specifically designed  on any type of bra. Racer backs are great for women that have very narrow shoulders and/or have issues with bra straps that slide of there shoulders. Some women simply prefer them because they find them to be more comfortable.


picture of a shelf braShelf Bra/Quarter Cup Bra/Platform Bra

Shelf bras are only for adult playtime in the bedroom. Most of these bras only have about a quarter of a cup or less and often expose the areola and/or nipple.




picture of a sleep braSleep Bras

Sleep bras are made to be very comfortable and to provide a little support while sleeping or working around the house. Many pregnant or breastfeeding mothers find sleep bras a must due to having sore breasts. Very large breasted women also wear sleep bras simply for comfort.


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picture of a soft cup braSoft Cup Bras

Soft cup bras do not have an underwire and some types of soft cup bras do not have padding, or very little. Most women agree that soft cup bras are more comfortable than underwire bras but often do not have enough support for larger breasts. If you have prominent or larger nipples a soft cup bra will not conceal them well unless it is padded.


picture of a sports braSports Bras

Sports bras are for any women that is participating in a physical activity or exercise. Sports bras are made to minimize your beasts and to prevent the breasts from bouncing or moving.




picture of a strapless braStrapless Bras

A strapless bra is often needed when wearing a low back, shoulderless or low cut top. They often come with straps and can be used or removed as needed. It is very important to have your correct band measurement when buying a strapless bra.


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picture of a T shirt braT Shirt Bras

A T shirt bra is made to look very smooth under the thinnest of fabrics and knits. They have seamless cups and are padded enough to prevent your nipples from showing.



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picture of a u plunge braU Plunge Bra

U plunge bras are to wear with dresses or tops that have a deep plunging neck line, or lack of a neck line.