The Best Strapless Bra Review – What really works

Ok… so a lot of women have issues when it comes to strapless bras for one reason or another. Most of the complaints that we hear are either it won’t stay up, it is not supportive enough or it is not comfortable. We have come up with what is the best strapless bra, well a list of  options that have been proven to work for most women. Remember that is is very important that you know your bra size or even the best bra will not work for you!


The Best Strapless Bra Reviews

Picture of the best strapless bra.
Wacoal Strapless Bra

Wacoal Women’s Full Figure Strapless Bra – C to G Cup

Finally an excellent strapless bra for women with large bustlines. Wacoal has really gotten it right on this one with comfort, support and functionality. We really couldn’t ask for more in a strapless bra and have heard nothing but great feedback.

  • Contoured cups, looks great under any top and is very comfortable.
  • Comes with removable straps, but you will not need them.
  • Silicone edge strips keep this bra in place during physical activity.


Picture of the best strapless bra.
Maidenform Natural Boost Full Figure Bra

Maidenform Natural Boost Strapless  – A to D Cup

The Natural Boost by Maidenform is the best strapless bra for average to petite women ranging in the A to D cup range. This bra is very comfortable and we have only heard great things about this bra from other women.

  •  Adds about 1/2 cup and lifts the breasts nicely
  • Very comfortable and will not slip down
  • Seamless cups, looks great under any tops or dresses
  • Most women go up one band size when ordering this bra
  • Comes with removable straps


Picture of a strapless bra for smaller women.
Calvin Klein Strapless Bra

Calvin Klein Strapless Push Up Bra – A to D Cup/Petite

We were really surprised by this bra because we have never have really seen Klein as a quality/functional bra maker but this strapless has passed the test for petite women.

  • Great fit for petite women
  • Removable straps
  • Actually pushes up the breasts
  • Good quality and comfortable for smaller women
  • True to size


Picture of a strapless bra that is a gel push up.
Gel Strapless Push Up Bra

Lily of France Gel Strapless Push Up Bra  – A to D Cup

Another nice strapless push up bra that uses gel rather than traditional bra padding. Gel is prefered by some women because it contours to the breast and feels more life like. We have had mixed reviews about this bra, either you will love it or hate it. Most complaints are either it is to small or the lace on the top of the cups is scratch. On the other hand many people also find the bra very comfortable and absolutely love it.




What to look for when shopping for the best strapless bra

Picture of a tube bra.
Seamless Tube Bra

Many women have a prejudice against strapless bras for many reasons, the most common is that the bra will not stay up. Nobody wants to have to micromanage their bra all day long by having  pull it back into place.

When you are shopping for a strapless bra it’s very important that your measurements are correct. Strapless bras will fit a little more snug than a bra with shoulder straps but it should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable. Many strapless bras now have silicone strips that run around the top of the band and cups. These strips are critical in keeping your bra in place and we do not recommend buying a strapless bra without them. If you plan on wearing a strapless bra it is important not to put any lotions and/or oils on the area that the bra will cover. Lotions and oils will cause the silicone rubber to lose its grip and the bra will slide down.

Strapless bras need to be washed frequently with mild soap and water. This will remove any of the oils your skin produces from the silicone strips and will also keep the elastic in good condition. If you frequently wear a strapless bra make sure you have at least two or three. If you wear the same strapless bra each day it will overwork the the elastic and wear out quickly, if the elastic has a longer period to rest it will naturally retract back to its original form rather than stretching out.

Another option, especially for small breasted women is a tube bra. While they offer less support many women do find them very comfortable.


Other options than wearing a strapless bra

Here are a few other options that you may prefer over wearing a strapless bra.

Picture of an alternative to strapless bras, nipple covers.
Nipple Covers

Undercover Silicone Nipple Covers, Gel

  •  Yes, they actually do work
  • Low Cost
  • Reusable up to 8 times on average (in real life)
  • Undetectable
  • Will not fall of even on warm days
  • Will cover areolas/nipples up to 3 inches in diameter
  • 100% silicon


Picture of a strapless adhesive bra.
Adhesive Bra

Fashion Forms Women’s Ultralite Backless Bra

These will work as long as you follow the directions to the tee. We have an entire page devoted to adhesive bras that you can look at here.




A quick bit about measuring for strapless bras

Underbust measurement (your band size) is critical to have accurately measured. It is very simple, just measure under your breasts with a soft tape measure all the way around and you have your underbust number. This is the number you need to use when buying a bra. Example: If you measure 36 inches, then look for bras that are 36X,  X being the cup size.

The cup size is where everyone goes wrong, if you are small D cup and under then you can measure for your cup size and be somewhat close to accurate (but remember the shape of your breasts also plays a large part in the style and size of bra you need). If you are a full D cup or larger nobody will be able to measure you accurately because breast shape and volume differs dramatically between most women.

Bra fitting is trial and error in all reality except for the underbust measurement.  My best advice is to buy several bras in the style you need with the correct underbust measurement but in several cup sizes starting with what you think you are and then a larger cup and go from there since most women wear a cup size to small. Simply return what doesn’t fit.