The Best Sleep Bra

Sleep bras can be great for women that are pregnant, nursing, large breasts or just simply desire a little support while sleeping. A sleep bra is a very comfortable bra that can be worn around the house or while in bed sleeping. Sleep bras should be mostly cotton  and only have soft cups in order to remain comfortable through the night. Women that have large breasts often need a sleep bra that offers a little more support than your average sleep bra so it is important to look for quality.


The Best Sleep Bra Reviews

Picture of the best sleep bra.
Bali Comfort Revolution

Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

This bra is not a true “sleep bra” but it is so overly comfortable for almost every woman regardless of breast size and shape. We just can’t get over the comfort of this bra and that is what a sleep bra is suppose to be, comfortable! This bra uses layered knitting to help support your breasts and the shoulder straps do not dig in at all. The only negative about this bra is that it a little thin and your nipples may show depending on what style top you wear. This bra is not padded at all.



Picture of a sleep bra.
Carefix Comfort Sleep Bra

 Carefix Comfort Sleep Bra

A true sleep bra that is very comfortable and highly breathable. Many women also purchase this bra for post breast surgery because it has suck a great reputation for being comfortable. An added feature is that this bra is front closure which is nice for anyone that has had recent surgery. The Carefix Comfort  gives good support to even large breasted women but does not constrict your body in any way.


A picture of a type of sleep bra.
Wacoal B-Smooth Bralette

Wacoal Women’s B-Smooth Bralette

A great little bra that is comfortable for some women. If you are a full A,B or small C cup this bra will work great for you but if you are a AAA,AA or above a C cup then you will have problems. Good for around the house or when you just want to be comfy but be aware your nipples will show through this bra.



Picture of a lace sleep bra
Cosabella Trenta Soft Bra

Cosabella Women’s Trenta Soft Bra

Very comfortable and provides enough support for even outside the house.




Sleeping in a bra

Many myths surround bras, particularly sleeping in a bra. Lets take out all the myths and talk about reality. Do you have to sleep in a bra? No. Should you? Maybe. What it all comes down to is what makes you feel comfortable and what works for you. Wearing a sleep bra will not cause or detour breast cancer, will not make your breasts sag or be more perky.


Large breasts

Some larger breasted women find it more comfortable to sleep in a bra for several reasons. Laying on your breasts or having them fall into your armpits can be uncomfortable while trying to get a good nights rest. A sleep bra can provide enough support to hold things in place but comfortable enough not to be noticed that you are wearing a bra.


Breast feeding

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing to do for your child but that does not mean that it is easy. Often times new mothers will leak breast milk, sometimes it is a lot. A sleep bra with absorbent pads inserted on the inside can keep you and your bed dry.


Breast surgery

A mastectomy, lumpectomy or general breast surgery comes with a lot of pain post surgery. In is important to have a good quality sleep bra that is comfortable and supportive. The best post surgery bra out there is the Carefix Comfort Sleep Bra.