The Best Adhesive Bra Review- What actually works!

Adhesive bras have come a long way in the past 10 years or so, in the past they never seemed to work well, caused rashes, would fall off and were cumbersome. After trying out a number of different brands and styles we have found that there a a few good options out there but the best adhesive bra is the Fashion Forms Ultralite.

The Best Adhesive Bra


A picture of the best adhesive bra.
Fashion Forms Women’s Ultralite Backless Bra

Fashion Forms Women’s Ultralite Backless Bra

The best adhesive bra that we found is from Fashion Forms. This bra is functional, easy to use and is thin enough to provide a seamless appearance but thick enough to give you good coverage. Here are a few points about the bra that we liked;

  • Available in A, B, C, D & DD sizes.
  • Washable and reusable, the adhesive nature of the bra did not wear out like most others.
  • It actually sticks to your breasts and can be worn up to 6 hours
  • It is not thick but not see through either.
  • Works for small and large breasted women
  • Creates cleavage and hold the breasts in place
  • Extremely light weight, you can’t tell you are wearing it





Will Fashion Forms adhesive bra work for you?

The Fashion Forms Bra is not a push up bra and is not going to support your breasts like one, don’t be fooled. What it will do is pull them together to create cleavage and to hold your breasts in place rather than them wobbling all about. This bra will give you a little lift but nothing to write home about. If you are a A,B, C or D cup this bra will hold things steady and create some cleavage for you unless you have very wide set breasts. Now if you have larger breasts, a full DD or more this bra may not work well for you unless you have firmer breasts. Larger breasted women that have saggier breasts will have a hard time making the Fashion Forms Bra work for them but is better than nothing


How to wear an adhesive bra in 3 easy steps

You can’t just stick this bra on your breasts and go, it takes just a moment of preparation for this product to work flawlessly.

1) It is important to make sure that your breasts are freshly washed to remove any oils from your skin and do not apply any lotion near or on the area that you will be applying the bra too. Make sure that your breasts are completely dry and free of any moisture.

2) Now it is time to apply the adhesive adhesive bra. Separate the cups via the front closure hook, you will want to apply each cup separately. When applying the the bra you will want place the cups one or two inches toward the sides of your breasts. This will allow the bra, once hooked, to pull your breasts to the center creating cleavage and to also hold them firmly in place.

3) Now that the cups are applied properly pull the bra cups to together to make sure that you have gotten the results that you want. If you need to reposition the bra do so and then check again. If you are satisfied with the look then put your hands over the cups and press firmly for about 15 seconds to get a good hold and then hook the bra together.


How to properly care for your adhesive bra

The Fashion Forms Bra is very easy to care for. Simply hand wash the bra and let it dry completely, you can use mild soap if needed. You must wash the adhesive side after wearing, this will actually make them more sticky and prolong the life of the bra. When storing your adhesive bra it is important to keep the bra in its original box in a dust and lint free area.


The Cons of the Fashion Forms adhesive bra

No complaints about this bra but one. Do not wear this bra if there is a chance you sweat for any reason. Once you start sweating the bra will literally fall off and there is nothing you can do about. it. If you are someone that sweats easily or you will be in a very hot environment then an adhesive bra may not be the best choice for you.


More options and looks


A Picture of an adhesive bra.Fashion Forms Women’s Lace Ultimate Boost Stick On

  •  Has push up pads to help lift the breasts more
  • Not for larger or heavy breasts
  • Most women need one size larger than their true size



A picture of an adhesive bra.Fashion Forms Body Sculpting U Plunge Backless Bra 

  •  We have not tested this bra but would assume it may work for larger breasted women
  • Comes in A, B, C, and D Cup