Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch marks on breasts are very common among women from the time of puberty, during pregnancy and just over time from gravity and age. Larger breasted women tend to have more stretch marks but even AA cup sized breasts can not escape stretch marks.

Stretch Marks on Breasts – Why Me?

While researching information on this article from doctors, women, product reviews and many other sources we have found a good bit of interesting information. About 70% of women will at some point in there life have noticeable to severe stretch marks on their breasts, stomachs and/or hips. It is not possible to prevent or avoid stretch marks but it is possible to lessen them from appearing in the future and to also minimize current noticeable stretch marks.

The Cause of Stretch Marks on Breasts

Breasts are mostly made of fat and unstable milk ducts. The larger your breasts are the more they move and the older a women gets her skin losses its elasticity. These things will stretch out the skin and cause stretch marks. Women that have had children often have empty or deflated looking breasts after weaning. We can’t stop these things from happening but we can help minimize them. I first want to dive into some interesting facts first though before we head into prevention and healing.

What Men Think About Your Stretch Marks… Not what you Think!!!

Women are sometimes our own worst enemy. Magazines, websites, commercials and models tell us to be beautiful, skinny and don’t you dare have any stretch marks. Well the fact is that most women will have or have stretch marks on breasts, hips, stomach and just about anywhere else.

After scouring the internet for information about stretchmarks I ran into many forums, Yahoo Answers Questions and other message boards asking the question to men about what they think about a woman with stretch marks. I was completely taken back by what I found. The vast majority of men responded saying one of three things.

These are typical responses I found.

  1. I Really don’t care if a woman has a few stretch marks.
  2. Honesty I see them as battle scars and I like that.
  3. Stretch marks are sexy on a woman. I love the look of a real woman.

Check out this link if you need more proof (Experience Project – Stretch Marks and Men). Read the question at the top of the page and then the responses from men at the bottom.

Why Are My Breasts Covered in Stretch Marks But Hers Are Not?

There are many reason some woman are more prone to stretch marks than others. Genetics, weight gain and loss, pregnancy, hormone changes, diet, exercise and ethnic background play a huge part in why some women are more prone to stretch marks.

Skin care and diet play a vital rule when combating stretch marks on breasts or any other part of the body. Vitamin A is scientifically proven to nourish and help repair skin. Vitamins B3 and C also significantly help fight of UV rays and skin irritation caused by soaps and other environmental factors. For the specific treatment of stretch marks though we have discovered and tested a product that does work really well.

How to Heal, Reduce and Mitigate Stretch Marks

If you search the internet for stretch marks you will find that over 13 million search results from Google. Most of these results are for creams, exercises and products that do not work.

After searching for a good product that would actually give real resualts we came across a company called Insta-Natural. Their Stretch Mark Cream had excellent reviews and the price was affordable.

We tested the product on two women. One women had older stretch marks and the other was currently 8 months pregnant. The test ran for three months and both women had experienced reduced visibility. The pregnant woman dramatically reduced the appearance of her stretch marks by 60% and the other reduced her stretch marks by about 33%.

We did not see any stretch marks disappear but they were much more less noticeable at the three month mark.  When stretch marks are in the red or purple stage this Stretch Mark Cream really helped them fade to a white or slightly silver color.

This Stretch Mark Cream smells wonderful, actually works and is very affordable. The reviews on amazon match what we would rate this product, five out of five. Expect some results at three weeks and dramatic results at the three month mark. We suggest applying this cream as recommended by the manufactured, twice daily. The Stretch Mark Cream is very effective on all parts of the body including breasts.