Attraction to Stretch Marks – Stretch Mark Fetish

I am a regular guy that finds most women attractive whether they are a size 6 or a 20 (yes big woman can be beautiful). I have never really had a “type” of women I am attracted too. I can say that I do find unique things attractive though. As an example I would prefer a women with wide hips over average hips. Another example is that I would rather be with a woman that is a AAA or AA cup or a F cup, not the average C cup. Another unique characteristic I find very attractive is stretch marks. I am not sure if you can say I have a stretch mark fetish but I do find them super attractive.

My Stretch Mark Fetish… or is it?

Well I can’t say that I was always aware of my attraction to stretch marks. It was more like I realized that I was attracted to them on a specific day. I was attending a school, actually it was a trade school and my class was all men and only one women. I was 20 at the time. She was pretty enough and all but I never really paid to much attention to her as I was very busy with studies and working until one day something made me pay attention to her.

How I Came to Find stretch Marks Attractive

It was a regular school day and it was in the afternoon. I was going about my business as usual when I saw “Sarah” trying to place a box up high on a top shelf. She was on her tip toes stretching as hard as she could. She placed the box and started to de-stretch for lack of a better term when her shirt became snagged. As she came down off her tip toes her shirt was pulled  up about eight inches exposing her side and stomach to me. I only was able to catch a glimpse of her tummy but what I saw was stunningly gorgeous.

Sarah’s stomach was covered in stretch marks. They wrapped around her torso and extended to her sides with great beauty. Her tummy was a bit loose and flabby with post pregnancy baby fat. I marveled at her beautiful reddish and silvery colored stretch marks that adorned her body. I probably only saw her mid section for 2 to 3 seconds but it was just enough for me to realize how beautiful her stretch marks were. This is when I realized I had a “stretch mark fetish.”

Not just tummy Stretch Marks

When most people think about stretch marks they assume you are talking about the mid section area. I dated a a woman for about 6 months that had three children, two of which were twins. She was about 5′ 1″ tall and wore a size 18. She was a big girl but shaped really pretty and wore a size 38 F bra. After dating her for awhile we became intimate. Of course I knew that her stomach was covered in stretch marks to my delight but what I didn’t realize was  her breasts were also very saggy and had many stretch marks also. I found this to be purely beautiful to me and is something that I will never forget.

Are Stretch Marks a Must Have?

No they are not. I really do not consider my attraction to be a stretch mark fetish. It is just a simple attraction that is unique to me and  some other men out there in the world.  I would be with a woman that had no stretch marks certainly and I would find her attractive in other ways.

I think that part of the attraction is that women with stretch marks are fertile. This may trigger a primal instinct within me to be attracted to a women that bears stretch marks. Another part of it is that I like and am attracted to real women. I am not a fan of breast implants or barbie doll women at all. I love femininity but it has to be natural! Better small and saggy than hard and perky 😉