Pale Areolas

Many women worry about what their breasts look like and in particular their nipples and or areolas. Breasts, areolas and nipples come in many sizes and shapes and will undoubtedly change during a woman’s life due to aging, puberty, hormone changes and pregnancy.

Pale areolas are very common in fair skinned women and genetics also play a large part in the color and darkness of your areolas. Sometimes the areola can be so pale that it is very hard to see and in some cases completely invisible. If you have very pale areolas please do not be concerned because they are completely healthy and normal. There are two options though to make pale areolas more predominate and darker in color. Remember to consult a physician before attempting to darken your areolas/nipples.


How to Darken Pale Areolas


The best option for darkening pale areolas, it is called areola repigmentation or areola tattooing. This is a very safe and practical way to darken your nipples and areolas. Sounds painful right? Well it is not because you will be given Lidocaine to completely numb the area that will be tattooed. Many plastic surgeons offer areola tattooing, specifically plastic surgeons that specialize in breast reconstruction.

Areola Color and Size

The first step in darkening pale areolas is to decide on the color that you will want your areolas to be and if you would like them to be made larger. Colors can be mixed to any shade you would like from very light pink to a deep dark brown.

Pale Areola Tattooing Procedure

The actual procedure is just a simple office visit that will take less than an hour from start to finish.  The tattooing instrument  will be placed on top of your breast. Since the area will be nearly 100% numb you will not be able to really feel anything but some slight pressure pushing down. When the nipple darkening procedure starts you will feel some minor vibrations. The entire procedure will take less than 15 minutes.

The Final Results

You will be amazed at the new color of your areolas and nipples. They will look 100% natural and not like a tattoo at all. Nobody but you will ever know that you had your areolas darkened. It is possible that the pigment will fade a little bit over the first year but this usually not the case for most women and can always be touched up if needed by your plastic surgeon.

Cost of Darkening Pale Areolas

Areola darkening is very inexpensive and most plastic surgeons charge $200 to $350 dollars. Insurance companies will not cover areola darkening or any type of non reconstructive plastic surgery because it is not considered a medical necessity. Some surgery offices will take payment plans though.

Beware of Quick Fixes. Creams and other products will not make your areolas darker.