How To Stop Sweaty Boobs – Under Breast & Cleavage Sweat Problems Solved

Having large boobs, breasts, ta-ta’s, girls or whatever you want to call them can be great and not so great. On of the problems with large boobs is that they can generate a lot of heat between and underneath them causing sweaty boobs. The sweating generally occurs under the breast and larger breasted women may also have cleavage sweat. Nobody wants to sweat, especially under their boobs so we have come up with some great information on how to stop sweaty boobs. 

How To Stop Sweaty Boobs

If you search the internet for “sweaty boobs” you will see a million articles that recommend all kinds of things. Some recommend deodorant specifically marketed for breasts which in reality means that that it is a regular stick of deodorant that is half the size and twice the cost. Others recommend using an oil of some type or applying baby powder under your breasts. These are all ideas but they don’t really work that well for a lot of women.

Please also keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different and we all sweat at different rates. Breast size and shape also contribute to how much your breasts will sweat. Saggy or pendulous breasts will sweat much more than perky firm breasts. If you sweat excessively then you may have some degree of Hyperhidrosis also.



Why your boobs sweat

There are many reasons that you may be having an issue with your breasts sweating but the two common reasons are listed below.

  • Friction – As your boobs lay against your body they naturally move and cause friction, this is also true if you have a lot of cleavage. The friction can warm the skin a bit without you even noticing it, this can increase the amount you sweat. If your breasts move a lot you may even have chaffing issues. Wearing a high quality, well fitting bra can help minimize friction problems and lessen the amount that your boobs sweat.
  • Ventilation – Moisture and sweat can easily build up under your breasts and within your cleavage because it is almost impossible to get any air flow. Breathable bras may help somewhat but it is still nearly impossible to get any airflow going in your bra.



Problems and symptoms caused by having sweaty boobs

Several issues can arise from having excessively sweaty boobs and/or cleavage. Some issues are simply annoying while others have health related problems associated with them.


Breast odor

Do your breasts smell or have a little bit of an odor to them. This is a fairly common problem when you have sweaty boobs. Dark moist areas of our bodies are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Most of these bacteria are fairly harmless but will cause an odor. With proper hygiene and topical products you can easily stop breast odor.


Rashes, itching & burning

Having moisture and sweat trapped under or between your breasts can cause rashes and moderate to severe itchiness along with a burning sensation. This again is due to the bacteria living on your skin. Proper breast hygiene and topical products will keep you from itching.


Awesome Products To Stop Sweaty Boobs

Picture of defence soap used for washing breasts.Taking a shower and using regular soap may not be enough to kill off the bacteria living under your boobs. Defence Soap is an absolutely amazing soap that will keep you very clean, eliminate bacteria and help reduce sweating. It is 100% natural and contains Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils which are great for your skin, killing bacteria, eliminating odor and stopping sweat. This soap is marketed towards men but is just what you need! This is also a great soap for washing “down below” also.

Make sure that you are drying well under your breasts when you are done showering. It may be a good Idea to use a hair dryer at a far distance from your skin to thoroughly dry everything out well. 


Picture of the antiperspirant to stop sweaty boobs.After you have properly washed your boobs with Defence Soap and are 100% dry it is time to apply this AMAZING antiperspirant, Sweat Shield Ultra. This stuff when coupled with the soap with stop sweaty boobs dead in their cups. Make sure to apply it in the evening before bed when sweat glands are less active. Do not wear a bra after application and it also helps to lay on your back for a few minutes until the product is 100% dry.

Sweat Shield Ultra is a clinical strength of Antiperspirant that can be applied to any part of the body including your breasts.

  • Leaves no film, white stuff or powder on your skin. It is undetectable!
  • Apply pre moistened towel to the underside of your boobs and cleavage area to stop sweat.
  • One application lasts 6 to 7 days.
  • No Smell after application



The two products above should stop sweaty boobs without hesitation but If you are still having issues with sweaty boobs then you may also want to try MedSpa Antiperspirant. It is a great product that has nearly no scent and works very well when applied daily. If you are still having issues then you should see a doctor for medical intervention.


Do not use powders on sweaty breasts

When most women are confronted with having sweaty breasts and/or cleavage the first remedy that comes to mind is baby powder or some other type of powder to absorb the sweat and moisture. While it makes sense to use a powder it is not a good option for several reasons.

While the powder is absorbent and may feel good it has a very short life span and only works to treat the symptom (sweat) rather than stopping the sweat. After the powder absorbs the sweat it simply holds it in place and can not evaporate thus making the problem worse. Powders can also become abrasive when wet and my irritate your boobs.


Conclusion & final thoughts

Stopping sweaty boobs is very easy with above products (Defense Soap and Sweat Shield Ultra). Pads can also be an option but they tend to be annoying and can make you feel gross and wet all day long. It is also important that you wear a supportive bra that holds your breasts up as much as possible. If you not able to control your under boob sweat or cleavage sweat then you may want to talk to your doctor.