The Best Minimizer Bra – We review, you decide!

Minimizer bras are a great option for larger breasted women that want their breasts to appear smaller, have back problems or may simply be worn in order to fit into some styles of clothing like button up shirts. The best minimizer bra can work miracles for some women and can be an excellent alternative to a breast reduction. To many wear bras that are either the wrong size or are simply not made for their type of breasts.


The Best Minimizer Bra

Picture of the best minimizer bra by Chantelle.
Chantelle Minimizer Bra

Chantelle Minimizer Underwire T-Shirt Bra – D/H Cup

This is our number one pick for several reason. This bra truly does minimize your breasts up to two cup sizes while remaining very comfortable. Outstanding lift and support make this perfect for women that have very large, heavy breasts or breasts that tend to point south. The underwire is padded for added comfort  and the quality is outstanding, the best we have seen. Chantelle bras are known as some of the best and this one is definitely shows why.



Picture of the best minimizer bra.
Full Figure Minimizer Bra

 Wacoal Women’s Full Figure Minimizer Bra – C/G Cup

This bra was very close to being our number one pick. It is a great choice for women that have large, heavy breasts that want a extremely supportive bra that is seamless and looks great under clothing.  Breast bounce and jiggle is a thing of the past if you are wearing this bra, even in a G cup. We are also happy to say that it shapes you well from all angles and does not give you a cone shape as many bras do. The Wacoal Minimizer bra is not padded and takes about 1 1/2 inches of the the bustline. The only downside to this bra is that is a bit sheer and women with prominent nipples may show through in thinner tops. 


Picture of a soft cup minimizer bra.
Just My Size Minimizer Soft Cup

Just My Size Minimizer Soft Cup Bra – C/DD Cup

This a good option for women that prefer a soft cup (no underwire). For a soft cup bra the Just My Size Minimizer offers great support that rivals some underwire bras. You can count on looking one cup size smaller while wearing this bra and it will give you a nice natural shape. Many women have noticed that the bra keeps it shape all day long while remaining comfortable and supportive. Our only complaint is that we wished that it came in more and larger sizes.



Picture of the best minimizer bra.
Bali Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali Minimizer Underwire Bra – C/DDD

A great bra for only being priced so low. This bra will reduce the appearance of your cup size by about 1/2 of a cup which may not be enough for someone looking for a true minimizer. The comfort of this underwire Bali bra is wonderful though so we thought that it should be on our list of best minimizer bras. The cups are very lightly lined, enough to conceal and the cups are seamless to provide a nice smooth shape under any type of top.


Minimizer Bras – What you need to know

Many larger breasted women have issues ranging from back pain to simply not being able to button up their shirts without having it gap. The only non surgical solution for the problems facing large breasted women is the minimizer bra. What a good minimizer should do is spread the breast tissue out over a large area than a standard bra. While minimizers do fit very snug, they should not be to tight, uncomfortable or poke you in anyway. If this is happening then you may have a size too small or that particular bra may not be made for your particular body type.


Bra Quality

When shopping for a good minimizer bra it is important to keep in mind that most cheaper priced bras are not the quality you are going to need. Women with a large bustline need quality manufacturing and materials, always check the reviews on Amazon even if you plan on buying in store. Consumer reviews can be your best friend and point you to the way of comfort and support.



Large breasts are very hard, if not impossible to measure accurately. Cup size measurements are only accurate up to a D cup at best and after that the more inaccurate the measurements becomes larger. The reason for this is that the shape and tissue volume of womens breasts differ greatly from woman to woman. Just to a few variables in breasts are; soft tissue, firm tissue, saggy, perky, wide set, splayed, pendulous, wide root and many others too numerous to mention.

Band size measurements are very accurate not matter what size your breasts are. Just make sure you measure your band size accurately. Often times it is best to simply try different cup sizes until you find the size that works for you. Even if you have an accurate cup measurement each brand and style of bra will fit a little different. Another import note is that black bras, as well as all other black dyed products will shrink more than any others.


Proper bra care

A picture of forever new bra soap/wash.Any good quality bra is worth your time when it comes to proper care. Improper washing and care will result in a poor fit and will also shorten the overall life of your bra. Always hand wash your bras and use Forever New Fabric Wash . It will literally make your bras like new, last for YEARS and clean them very well.

Another tip is to rotate your bras, in other words don’t wear the same bra each day as it will over stretch the elastic properties within the bra. Have at least three or four bras to wear through the week so the elastic can rest and retract back to its original shape. Bras should also be stored in a closed drawer in order to extend their life and shape. Hanging a bra up will only cause the elastic to become over stretched.