The Best Cheap Bras

In search of the best cheap bras? Well we have exactly what you are looking for. We all know how hard it can be to find a bra that is comfortable and fits well without paying an arm and a boob for it. We have done it, our number on pick is absolutely amazing for about 90% of all women out there and the others listed are also great options so take a look and decide for yourself.

A graphic/picture of a women wearing a bra that says "SBras that support you and your bank account."

The Best Cheap Bras List & Information – Comfort & Quality Without Compromise

Our bra reviews are based on several major factors including, user feedback, comfort, function and price. We did not let appearance affect our decision since we felt that price and comfort far out weighed how pretty the bra is. The below bras are for everyday wear at work or around the house.


#1) Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire-Free Bra

Amazing and our number one pick! We did not expect Playtex to come in as our front runner but it did and it wasn’t by a little bit either. This bra offers a ton of wirefree support even for those post baby blues, is ultra comfortable and made with quality in mind from front to back. Wearing this bra is like wearing nothing, it is really that comfortable. If you don’t believe us take a look at over two thousand other reviews! We have really done our research, here are some of the reason this bra is nothing short of a miracle.

Picture of the best cheap bras made by Playtex 18 hour.
Available in several colors
  • Straps – The fully adjustable straps are a bit wider than normal and are also cushioned. The bra is designed to keep the straps in place and will not slip off your shoulders.
  • Support – This bra truly lifts and supports while giving a very natural shape. No cone or bullet bra issues! Not only does this bra lift but it also provides ample side support.
  • Conceals – There is no traditional padding in the cups but the material is two layers thick. This is enough to conceal you while not looking bulky or over stuffed.
  • True to Size – About 85% of women found that this bra fit exactly as it should and was true to their measured size. Not sure what your size is or need to double check? Click here for measurement instructions.
  • Quality – Outstanding quality construction. This bra will last for a long time and is a great value for what you get, that’s why this bra is rated as one of our best cheap bras.
  • Price – These bras are a steal for what you get. Check here for current price.
  • Wire Free – The wire-free construction is very comfortable but also functional by still providing plenty of support even for sagging breasts. Truly a great bra for nearly all women.
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What we don’t like about this bra

There is almost nothing we don’t like about this bra except that it should be available in more sizes. Other than that we have no complaints and have found this bra to be a budget shoppers dream.

#2) Vanity Fair Women’s Full-Figure Contour Underwire Bra (Great for plus sized women)

This a great, if not the best option for plus sized women. This bra is an underwire but is still very comfortable, functional and gives a great smooth look under any type of clothing. Designed to prevent “back bulge” and “underwire poke” makes this a great wear for everyday activities. This bra also fits true to size, no guess work here!

Here is why we love this bra and rate it as our number one pick for plus sized women and number two in our list overall of the best cheap bras.

Picture of the best cheap bra by vanity fair, full figure bra.
Available in over 12 colors
  • Full Coverage & Support – This bra is built for larger busted women and does very well keeping things where they should be. The wide band helps provide a more stable and comfortable platform for great support.
  • Seamless – With lightly padded seamless contour cups you will look great even in clingy type tops. The cups are padded just enough to conceal but not so much it to make you look bulky.
  • Straps – The straps are fully adjustable and a bit wider than your average bra for added comfort. The leotard typ back also keeps the straps from shifting or sliding.
  • Band – Keeping plus sized women in mind Vanity Fair added a wider, three hook band that is very comfortable. The wider band also minimizes the “jelly roll” affect other bras sometimes produce.
  • Color Options – Although color options were not a deciding factor in our rating it is nice that this bra is offered in over a dozen colors to match any clothing or skin color.
  • Comfort – The comfort of this bra is amazing alone, even being an underwire bra we think that you will be very happy. You can read over 600 reviews on amazon attesting to the comfort and quality of this bra.
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What we don’t like about this bra

We have really tried to com up with something we don’t like and really can’t. Some of the user reviews on amazon and other forums said that the bra fit a little small in the cup but this was a minority of women.

#3) Maidenform Women’s Custom Lift Tailored Satin Demi Bra (Great for wide shoulders & wide set breasts)

An excellent demi cup bra that is great for open neck lines or everyday wear. This bra is also great for women that have wider set/spaced breasts or wide shoulders. The cups have padding for extra shape but the amount of padding gets less with each larger cup size.

Picture of the 3rd best cheap bra made by Maidenform.
Available in over 12 colors
  • Shape – The cups are contoured and seamless for a wonderful smooth look under any type of clothing. Fully padded for the best shape and support possible. Even small busted women will love the look that this bra can give you.
  • Support – This underwire bra offers an incredible amount of support even for women with a larger bust line up to a D cup. Very capable of post baby boobs.
  • Comfort – Incredibly comfortable with a rating of 8.8 out of 10. Although this is an underwire bra it does not wear like one at all. Expect not to have any underwire poke!
  • Straps – The straps on this bra are set a little wider from center than your average bra. This is great if you are wearing a top with an open neckline, have wider than average shoulders or have far spaced breasts.
  • Quality – Made from quality fabric  and materials you can expect this bra to last you a good solid year if you machine wash and wear on a regular basis.
  • Value – You get a lot for your dollar with this bra without sacrificing comfort or function.
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What we don’t like about this bra

This a great bra unless you are a very full D cup or larger and you have heavier than average breasts. Other than that issue we loved this bra. You can find more reviews here if needed.

#4) Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra

A very unique design that works very well for small to very large busted women. This bra could have easily taken the number 3 spot as it was nearly a toss up. The price is great and the comfort level is just spectacular.

Picture of the best cheap bra that is seamless and made by playtex.
Available in 3 colors
  • Support – Looking at this bra you would think that it wouldn’t provide that much support but just the opposite is true. It is very supportive even for large, saggy or heavy breasted women.
  • Smooth – This is an ultra smooth bra. Seamless cups and and a wider band allow this bra to be almost invisible under any type of top. The band also will not cause any bulges on your sides or back.
  • Straps – Like our number one pick from Playtex the straps on this bra are cushioned and made to be a bit wider than the average bra. This adds to the comfort and keeps the straps secure on your shoulders.
  •  Quality – Built with quality fabrics and materials this bra should last you at least a year or more with regular wear.
  • Padding – This bra is not padded but has two layers of fabric. You will not have to worry about showing through at all though since the material is thick enough to conciel.
  • Cost – This is a a great bra for the cost. You really are getting a lot of bra for your money.
  • Fabric – The fabric feels great but also wicks away moisture from your body. This is great if you run warm, are an active person or for the warmer months.
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What we don’t like about this bra

We found that the stitching on this bra was just a bit itchy until it was washed a couple of times. Other than that this is a great bra for everyday casual wear.

#5) Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

This is a high comfort bra but is a little on the pricy side and that is why it is in the number five spot on our best cheap bras list.

Picture of a bra made by bali.
Available in over 12 colors
  • Appearance – This bra is seamless and smooth all the way around to the the three hook closure. Any type of fabric can be worn over this bra without any issues.
  • Straps – The straps are made for comfort and are wider than average bra straps. The adjustable straps are also attached to the band closer to the center in the back in to keep them from shifting or sliding off the shoulders.
  • Quality – Great quality as with most Bali brand bras.  This bra will last you at least one year of regular wear and machine washing. As you may know machine washing is hard on bras and will shorten their lifespan.
  • Cups – The cups have a medium weight lining that conceals very well but is not too heavy. Looking at the picture you may think that the bra may create a “uniboob” shape but it does not.
  •  Colors – Available in many colors .


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What we don’t like about this bra

The price!!!

Final thoughts

All of the above bras are great choices for the budget minded shopper. You can expect the quality to be solid as well as the comfort. Hand Washing your bras will greatly extend their lifetime as well as using Forever New Undergarment Wash You should also have at least three bras to wear during the week and alternate the days that you wear each one. This allows the elastics and fabric to retract back to its original shape.. You should also store your bras in a drawer rather than hanging them up so the elastic is not stressed.