The Best Bra for Small Breasts

Small breasts (AAA, AA and A) can be challenging at times contrary to what larger busted women think. Bras for small breasts are often cheaply mass produced or not made properly to fit small breasts. Cup gaping, riding up and over padding are common problems that we all small busted women experience. There are so many bra makers out there that produce cheap junk bras that it can be hard to find what is the best bra for small breasts. Below we have found some great bras that will work for you ranging in AAA, AA A and B cups. These bras will not cup gap or ride up over your breasts even while doing vigorous activities or reaching for something up high. If you are plus size women with small breasts you may want to look here for large band/small cup bras.

The Best Bra for Small Breasts

Lula Lu has made a great collection of the best bras for women with small breasts. They have put a lot of time and research into how these bras are made and they are priced fairly for the quality and comfort they bring to the consumer.

AAA,AA & A Cup Sized Bras

See the entire collection of Lula Lu Petites bras here!

The Lula Lu Petites Lightly Padded Push-up Bra  is actually lightly padded and the straps can be X’ed in the back if you so desire.

  • Lightly padded in the right spots to help lift the breasts.
  • Very comfortable for an underwire bra
  • Will not “cup gap” as long as you wear the right size cup
  • Does not ride up
  • Breathable material of great quality
  • This bra will absolutely flatter your shape







The Lula Lu Petites Racerback is a awesome bra for women that have sloped or small shoulders. It is also a wonderful choice for someone that simply wants a comfortable everyday bra.

  • Very comfortable – Won’t restrict or bind on you. Conforms to your body and will not “cup gap”
  • Can be worn normally or as a racerback
  • Removable padding
  • Great quality as always
  • Front closure (excellent since most small breasted women have wider set breasts)








The Lula Lu Petites Strapless Bra  is in one word, AMAZING! If you need a good quality strapless bra that will support and most importantly stay up this is it. You will not be disappointed with this bra.

  • Cups are very soft and will not gap
  • AA and A cups feature slight bump pads and the AAA cups have a removable cookies
  • This bra can be worn as a regular bra or X-back
  • The Lula Lu Petites collection is hands down makes the best bras for small busted women






See the entire collection of Lula Lu Petites bras here !

Bra tips for women with small breasts

  • It is important to remember not to overtighten your shoulder straps on any bra that you wear if have small breasts. This will cause your bra to ride up over your breasts, remember that you do not have to worry about having tons of support as larger busted women do.
  • Heavily padded bras can make you look bulky in some clothing and cause you to sweet if it is a hot day. There is nothing wrong with having small breasts and you should be more concerned with comfort and functionality than padding! Some padding is great but don’t go for the overstuffed bras.
  • Band size is very critical for women with a small bustline. A new bra should be able to fit you snugly and comfortably on the first hook. As the elasticity wears out over time then you can make use of the center and last hook. When you try a bra on also raise your hands above your head a few times to see if it rides up onto or over your breasts.
  • A lot of women think that they do not need a supportive bra if they are small breasted, this is not really true in some respects. If you do not wear a supportive bra that may lead to saggy breasts in the future, and yes small breasts will sag as time goes on. Another factor is that women with small breasts generally have much larger prominent nipples that those with large breasts and a good bra with light padding is a great way to conceal them.