The Best Bra for Wide Set Breasts

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Having wide set breasts can be make it challenging to find a bra that fits comfortably and provides the correct amount of support. Below you will find reviews, tips and information about wide spaced breasts.


How we reviewed and rated our top bra picks for wide set breasts!

We have taken a look at just about every bra out on the market in order to narrow them down into what are the best bras for wide set breasts. Our decision was based of of three basic must haves and they are as follows:

  • Center Gore – This is the width of the material in the front of the bra that connects the cup. We also took into consideration the overall measurement from center cup to center cup. Obviously this was the key factor in finding bras with wide spaced cups.
  • Overall Comfort – This is a big one and was just as important as spacing, who wants to wear something uncomfortable? Not you and not me!
  • Quality – There is no sense in buying a bra that will not keep it’s shape or comfort. It is simply a waste of money and was rated second most important after spacing and comfort.

We did not use cost as one of the major  ranking factors because we value function, quality and comfort above saving a few bucks. With that being said we did use it as a fourth deciding factor when the big three factors were so close or the same. Available size, style and color were minor factors that were considered secondly.


Review: The Best Bra For Wide Set Breasts

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AAA, AA and A Cup Bras for Wide Set Breasts

We ran into a very clear winner for smaller busted ladies very quickly, Lula Lu Petites bras. The reason for this is that most small busted women tend to have wide spaced breasts simply because the breasts sit so close to the rib cage. Now the challenge was to find a bra that did not cup gap or ride up. These bras were simply spectacular in every aspect from comfort to quality and fit and feel. Truly an amazing bra, how often do you hear that?


Lula Lu Petites Delilah Wireless Bra

Picture of the best bra for small wide set breasts.  Absolutely one of the best choices for women with small  wide set breasts. The bra is lightly padded enough to conceal and give a bit of a shape but not so padded it you look bulky.

  • Light removable foam cups
  • No Cup Gaping
  • Looks seamless even under T-shirts
  • Will not ride up
  • Fits small busted women flawlessly
  • As comfortable as it gets
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Lula Lu Petites Lightly Padded Push-up Bra/T Shirt Bra

Picture of a bra for small wide set breasts. This Push-up Bra/T shirt bra is perfect for support and lift for smaller busted women. Wide enough, not packed with padding will shape and lift nicely even if you are a AAA cup. Just an amazing fit with very high quality construction. If you simply hate underwires then check out Lula Lu Petites Wireless Push-up Bra.

    • Underwire Styling with straps that can convert to X-Back
  • Light push-up padding to give lift but not bulky looking (thick enough that you won’t show through but not too bulky
  • Looks seamless under T-shirts
  • No cup gap
  • No riding up
  • Underwire but comfortable
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Calvin Klein’s Perfect Fit Series

Picture of the best bra for wide spaced breasts.

We were very surprised to see that this entire line of bras has wider set cups than most most manufactures. The quality and comfort were great but fell a bit short when compared to Lula Lu Petites bras. In no means are we saying that this series is nothing short of being great for everyday wear. Calvin Klein also offers a lower price point if you are on a budget.

  • Great for wide spaced breasts
  • Good quality
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Lightly lined but enough to conceale
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Other great choices in AAA, AA & A Cup Sizes

Picture of a wireless push up bra.
Lula Lu Petites Wireless Push-up Bra
Picture of a basic bra for small busts.
Lula Lu Petites Alysa Microfiber Wireless Bra









B,C, D & DD Cup Bras for Wide Set Breasts

We did not run into a specific brand that fit the needs for women with wide spaced breasts but did find some really great bras from several different manufacturers.

Maidenform Women’s Custom Lift Satin Demi Bra

Picture of a bra for wide set breasts in B/C cup.One of the best bras is the Maidenform Women’s Custom Lift Satin Demi Bra. It has worked perfectly for those with a B – DD cup size. The straps stay in place and this bra is very comfortable to wear. A reviewer actually stated “It feels like my boobs just magically stay up as if held by little clouds.”

  • Available in 13 colors/patterens
  • Wider spaced cups than most bras
  • Light padding
  • Excellent quality and comfort
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Glamorise Women’s Front Close Stretch Lace Wonderwire Bra (Great for plus sizes)

Picture of a bra for wide set breasts in B/C cupThis Glamorise Bra is a another great choice for women preferring a front closure bra. The only negative about this bra is that is has a seam in the center of the cup but other than that it is great especially for plus size women.

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Best fit in plus or larger built women
  • Comfortable and attractive
  • Wide set cups
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Warner’s Women’s Invisible Bliss Wire-Free Bra

Picture of a bra for wide spaced breasts in B/C cupThe Warner’s Women’s Invisible Bliss is very comfortable and lightly padded. If you have extremely wide set breast you may want to go with one of the other two choices above. This bra has been a surprise and we would have not picked due to it not having adjustable shoulder straps. To our surprise we have heard nothing but great things about this bra and its comfort level.

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Super comfortable and supportive
  • Seamless and smooth
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Wacoal Women’s Front Close T-Back Bra

Picture of a bra for wide set breasts in D or DD cupThe Wacoal Women’s Front Close T-Back  is super comfortable, supportive and made with very high quality materials. The T back design will keep the straps from ever sliding down your shoulders and the bra cups are spaced far enough apart for women with wide gaped breasts. This bra is a real winner for those that are sized C-DD and will last for years with regular wear.

  • Excellent quality
  • Extremely comfortable, you will forget you are wearing a bra
  • Will not slip off your shoulders
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Information About Wide Set Breasts

Wide set breasts are found in all cup sizes from AAA cups to J Cups and larger. More often than not though women with a larger bust sizes (size C cup and up) have a much harder time finding a good fitting bra.

Picture of a woman with wide set breasts/wide spaced breasts. You can see the gap at the top of her breasts.
An example of wide set breasts. Notice how the bra is pulling the breasts inward rather than supporting and lifting.

What defines wide set breasts

Wide set breasts are defined as “breasts that are far apart from each other, separated by 2 ½ inches of space or more at the top of the breasts.” Spacing can vary greatly from a little more than 3 inches up to and over 5 inches. Broad shouldered and bigger built woman are more likely have a wider separation between their breasts. The size of the sternum/chest overall also impacts how widely the breasts are spaced. If you are able to place four fingers


Cleavage gap

Most bras will push your breast to the center in order to create cleavage. This poses a problem for women with wide set breasts because their breasts naturally will pull to their sides and will not properly align within the cups. You can see this in the picture to the left. This creates much unneeded discomfort and results in underwire bra poke, breast tissue spilling out to the sides and poor support. Touching cleavage is just not possible for most women with wide set breasts.


Breasts are unique

Having a large separation between the breasts its not uncommon at all, we litterally have thousands of women just like you land on this page searching for information. Having wide spaced boobs is not something that you should worry about, be ashamed of or insecure about. Each woman’s breasts are unique to her, like a fingerprint.

Picture of wide spaced boobs from the top looking down.

In this picture to the left you can see how the bra is gaping terribly on the inside. This is due to wearing a bra with cups that are too close together. The breast is naturally pulling outward , fighting the bra and ultimately causing comfort and appearance issues.


Breast augmentation for wide set breasts

Some women may search out breast augmentation procedures to “correct” what they think is a problem when it is completely natural to have a gap between their breasts. Media, celebrities and plastic surgeons love to push the “barbie doll syndrome” in order to make money of off unneeded surgery. Just for the record there is no surgery procedures to move the breasts closer to center.


We all  have many different types of bras for wide set breasts, big and small. Generally speaking you will find that plunge, Demi – cup and front closure bras will have a much wider set cups than many other styles of bras. If you have not read our bra fitting guide yet we first suggest doing so and then purchasing your bra.