Attraction to Stretch Marks – Stretch Mark Fetish

I am a regular guy that finds most women attractive whether they are a size 6 or a 20 (yes big woman can be beautiful). I have never really had a “type” of women I am attracted too. I can say that I do find unique things attractive though. As an example I would prefer a women with wide hips over average hips. Another example is that I would rather be with a woman that is a AAA or AA cup or a F cup, not the average C cup. Another unique characteristic I find very attractive is stretch marks. I am not sure if you can say I have a stretch mark fetish but I do find them super attractive.

My Stretch Mark Fetish… or is it?

Well I can’t say that I was always aware of my attraction to stretch marks. It was more like I realized that I was attracted to them on a specific day. I was attending a school, actually it was a trade school and my class was all men and only one women. I was 20 at the time. She was pretty enough and all but I never really paid to much attention to her as I was very busy with studies and working until one day something made me pay attention to her.

How I Came to Find stretch Marks Attractive

It was a regular school day and it was in the afternoon. I was going about my business as usual when I saw “Sarah” trying to place a box up high on a top shelf. She was on her tip toes stretching as hard as she could. She placed the box and started to de-stretch for lack of a better term when her shirt became snagged. As she came down off her tip toes her shirt was pulled  up about eight inches exposing her side and stomach to me. I only was able to catch a glimpse of her tummy but what I saw was stunningly gorgeous.

Sarah’s stomach was covered in stretch marks. They wrapped around her torso and extended to her sides with great beauty. Her tummy was a bit loose and flabby with post pregnancy baby fat. I marveled at her beautiful reddish and silvery colored stretch marks that adorned her body. I probably only saw her mid section for 2 to 3 seconds but it was just enough for me to realize how beautiful her stretch marks were. This is when I realized I had a “stretch mark fetish.”

Not just tummy Stretch Marks

When most people think about stretch marks they assume you are talking about the mid section area. I dated a a woman for about 6 months that had three children, two of which were twins. She was about 5′ 1″ tall and wore a size 18. She was a big girl but shaped really pretty and wore a size 38 F bra. After dating her for awhile we became intimate. Of course I knew that her stomach was covered in stretch marks to my delight but what I didn’t realize was  her breasts were also very saggy and had many stretch marks also. I found this to be purely beautiful to me and is something that I will never forget.

Are Stretch Marks a Must Have?

No they are not. I really do not consider my attraction to be a stretch mark fetish. It is just a simple attraction that is unique to me and  some other men out there in the world.  I would be with a woman that had no stretch marks certainly and I would find her attractive in other ways.

I think that part of the attraction is that women with stretch marks are fertile. This may trigger a primal instinct within me to be attracted to a women that bears stretch marks. Another part of it is that I like and am attracted to real women. I am not a fan of breast implants or barbie doll women at all. I love femininity but it has to be natural! Better small and saggy than hard and perky 😉


Attraction to Cellulite – His point of veiw

I man that finds cellulite attractive. I wanted let people know that you don’t have to be a barbie doll to be beautiful. I explain why and when I found out that I was attracted to cellulite.

My Attraction to Cellulite

Cellulite is dreaded among all women. Uneven skin, small dimples and larger craters are made fun of in many celebrity tabloids and news articles. There are creams and exercises marketed to women and bought by millions of women every year that probably don’t even work.

For me though, being the “outcast” in my attractions I happen to be attracted to cellulite. Why? No clue, I just think it is beautiful, natural and says I am a real woman. Maybe you could say I have a cellulite fetish.

I love the look of a woman that has a nice plump, round butt with cellulite dimples on it, even better when the cellulite extends down the back of the thighs. I just can’t help but to be overwhelmingly attracted to it.

The icing on the cake though is cellulite dimples on the inner thighs. I can remember when I was about 19 I was eating breakfast at a restaurant with my parents I had my first experience with my attraction to cellulite.

We were enjoying our breakfast out and two women walked in. One woman had long brown hair, was probably about 30 and was a little bigger than average but not really overweight. She had a nice top on and was wearing a skirt. I didn’t pay her much attention and I can’t even recall what her friend looked like.

Our food came and we starting eating. I was about halfway through my meal when I glanced over at the two women that had come in earlier. They were now seated at a booth and they were talking. My eyes focused on the women’s legs that were partially spread under the table. We were sitting at an angle in which allowed me to see a good portion of her inner thigh on her right leg. She had fairly thick thighs and when I looked closer it became apart to me that she had a lot of cellulite dimples on her inner thighs. I don’t mean just a little bit but the entire inner thigh was covered in very deep cellulite dimples.

I was instantly turned on in seconds and I couldn’t even understand why.  I kept looking every now and then trying not to obvious in my staring.  I remember thinking that it was so sexy, beautiful and unique that I just couldn’t believe it.

Unfortunately we finished our meal and left before they did. I could have sat there all day and admired what I found to be the most perfect, pristine, sexy legs I had ever seen in my entire life.  It was utterly breathtaking beauty through my eyes.

From that day forward I have always found had an attraction to cellulite.  I really don’t feel like I have a cellulite fetish, I simply see it as beautiful and real. Imperfections make a woman real and you should never feel like you have to be perfect.

A Cellulite Fetish – He’s Attracted to Cellulite?

As a divorced woman of 33 with three kids my body is not what it use to be. Child birth, gravity and nature has made me less than flattering. You know what I mean, right? I have always been pretty happy with the way I look but I have gained weight over the years and I have developed a good bit of cellulite on my butt and back of my thighs as a lot of women do. I have to admit it does bother me and I have been afraid of the reaction from men to a certain extent. I met a man, not just any man but a great guy and things turned romantic after several months of dating. I had not been with anyone for a very long time and I was a bit nervous about him seeing me naked. I am not the type that dresses provocatively and I have not had many sex partners when compared to most women my age.

The time came and it was great, well better than I could have imagined. Something unique happened though. When we were getting started he said to me “your cellulite is so hot.” I took this as “OMG…. This guy is a complete and total jerk… What have I done and who am I with?” I looked at him and before I could say anything he replied with “No, no, no I didn’t mean it like that… I truly do like it. It makes you real and really turns me on. ”  He must have seen that I was shocked when he said that. I thought, oh so you have a cellulite fetish LOL.  And then I said it out loud and he replied with a “yes, I guess you could call it that if you wanted to.” We continued and had a very romantic night.

Over the next week I could not stop thinking about what he said. I wanted to ask him about it that next weekend when I saw him. I was curious because I never had heard of someone that was actually attracted to cellulite or let alone had a cellulite fetish. Lucky for him I was in no short supply LOL.

So… You Have a Cellulite Fetish?

Yes I asked him straight up. I wanted to learn more and he replied to me “I don’t know if you would really call it a fetish for cellulite but I like the way it looks and I think it’s beautiful. I love the texture and the way it feels. Really though it just makes you a real woman… I am not into the perfect barbie doll type of women.” I thought that this was really cool and It was nice to be with someone that loved me and my body the way it was. I think that most women sometimes get down on the way they look or concentrate to much on their imperfections.

After talking to him for awhile about it it kinda made sense to me. There are many men out there that are attracted to skinny women, thick women, big women, flat chested and busty women. All men and women find different things attractive or sexy about other people. I may prefer hairy men but my best friend is not into that. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Do Other Men Like Cellulite?

I was curious if other men out there felt the same way as my boyfriend did so I turned to Google. I found many forums and questions asking what men think about a woman that has cellulite.

There were all different types of answers from “No, it;s gross” to “It’s kinda hot.” I found that there were a significant amount of men that are attracted to cellulite and a large portion that are not turned off by it or basically indifferent. If this does not make the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” true I don’t know what what would.