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Most of us women have bra issues and we are told over and over we wear the wrong size,  to get “professionally measured” and on and on. Well I am sure this is true to some extent but what I have found that your bra needs to fit your breast shape in addition to having the right size. Breast spacing, position on the chest, firmness/softness, saggy/perky and big/small all play a huge part in the bra you need and will be comfortable.


Small or large wide set/far spaced breast

Picture of wide set breastsLook familiar? If your breasts are wide set then you are going to need a bra that has wide set or far spaced cups. Makes sense right?



Bras For Wide Set BreastsClick Here




Plus size women with a small bust

Picture of a woman with a large band small cup bra.Don’t bra companies know that not every plus size women wears a GG cup? Yes some of us big girls are an A or B cup. We have rounded up a collection of the best large band small cup bras that are comfortable and actually come in your size.






Large Band – Small Cup BrasClick Here




Bras for women with small breasts

Bras for small breastsTired of your bra riding up or having a gap between your breast and bra. Check out some of these options to find something that will work for you.








Bras For Small BustsClick Here


Measuring your bust

Underbust measurement (your band size) is critical to have accurately measured. It is very simple, just measure under your breasts with a soft tape measure all the way around and you have your underbust number. This is the number you need to use when buying a bra. Example: If you measure 36 inches, then look for bras that are 36X,  X being the cup size. The cup size is where everyone goes wrong, if you are small D cup and under then you can measure for your cup size and be somewhat close to accurate (but remember the shape also plays a large part in the style of bra you need). If you are a full D cup or larger nobody will be able to measure you accurately because breast shape and volume differs drastically. Bra fitting is trial and error in all reality except for the underbust measurement.  My best advice is to buy several bras in the style you need with the correct underbust measurement but in several cup sizes starting with what you think you are and then a larger cup and go from there. Simply return what doesn’t fit.